Friday, October 22, 2010

Days 9, 10, 11 ~Blog Challenge

Day 9-A picture of your friends
I have a friends who live here in Pittsburgh, Arizona, Tennessee and all over the country...
 and to pick a few to post pictures of just doesn't seem right to me.
I value friendship and the people in my life so very much.

Day 10-Something you're afraid of
Aside from the big stuff of something happening to one of my children and heights,
I'm afraid of fast moving critters.
Things like: scorpions, mice, centipedes
I guess I'm especially afraid of small fast moving critters.

Day 11-Favorite tv shows
For TWENTY years, I have loved:

I'm sad that the original ended last year.
I love SVU just as much and the jury's still out (haha) on Los Angeles, as of yet.
I watch this show ALL the matter how many times I have seen an episode. I love when they reference past shows, past characters, bring a character back for an episode etc.
20 years? Really? I started watching this show when I graduated from high school?
Sheesh. I'm old.

My new favorite show:



  1. Scorpions! Those are so creepy and scary to me.

    I grew up in AZ, and I do not miss scorpions one bit!

  2. I am afraid of fast moving critters too. Blech!
    I need to watch more TV I've decided. I've hardly ever seen Law and Order and I've never seen Parenthood. There are so many good shows out there. :)

  3. Scorpions lol, thought you were talking about the band there for a moment