Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Getting to Know You

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1. Have you ever snooped around someone else's house?
~Never through drawers or things like that, but when I was younger and would babysit or housesit, I definitely walked around and looked at all the rooms, closets etc.

2. Can guys and girls be friends? ( thanks Jen!)

~I think the above video is true in younger years when you're single. :)  I believe men and women can be friends, yes. However, there are inappropriate things once you're married/involved.

3. Can you curl your tongue?

4. Have you ever stolen anything?
Whne I was 3, I stole a Hershey's bar from the grocery store. My mom made me return the half-eaten candy to the manager and tell him what I had done. Lesson learned.

5. Would you rather talk on the phone or text?
I love to talk on the phone to G when we're not together, to my mom and a few other people, but text and email makes for easy multi-tasking!! I've also recently started on Skype and I love it!!! With my family all over the world, it is AMAZING!

6. Memorial Day plans?
Family hang out! Love it!!

7. What do you do to relax?
Hanging on the porch, bubble bath, writing.

8. Do you do anything to honor those that have died fighting for our freedom?
I have many family members who served, friends STILL serving and G also served. I always make sure to thank the people I know and strangers I see for their service all the time. Memorial Day is spent for us usually talking about those serving past and present while we spend it together.



  1. Love the tongue curl picture...seriously adorable! And now I am so jealous off all these people that can do it!

    I love that clip....oh my gosh I am so posting this on facebook!!!

  2. Super cute post today! I agree..once married or'd be hard to have a guy friend or a girl friend..especially if they start confiding in the friend and not the spouse..

    Lata! :-)