Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Eggs

Dyeing Easter eggs has been a long time tradition in my family and one I have continued with my own kids.

Andrew was just barely 4 months his first Easter, so of course his first Easter egg coloring experience was much of Mama and Oma (my mom) dyeing them. :)

Lily's first Easter, she turned 9 months and she's at the stage of enjoying putting everything in her mouth. :)

We let her "drop" her egg into the cup and
I tipped it to show her the inside so she could see where her egg went.
Andrew and Reagan were anxious to get coloring!
happy kids!
Lily got a hold of the cup while I tried to snap a picture...
...which led to the removal of clothes and her pink onesie with more pink.
Andrew letting the eggs "simmer"
Lily's first egg.
Boy, does she ♥ her daddy!
(for those of you who don't know, it's hockey playoff time
which means playoff beard is in full effect)
Happy first Easter!


  1. How precious

    Lilly smiles so brightly!

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

    that is all

  2. Love the playoff beard! Hopefully it will start working!

    Lily is so cute putting her egg in her mouth! Andrew looks so proud of his simmering egg! Reagan looks so happy to be coloring eggs too! So much fun!

    You look fantastic Steph!!

  3. Lily is such a happy baby and she looks like she loves her momma just as much!! Steph you look amaxing girl pink is totally your color!1 I love dyeing easter eggs and KElcee was 6 mths old when we dyed her first one! AT LEast her onsie was pink so that it was just dyed brighter LOL....Your kiddos are presh! Glad you had a great time! LOL about the hockey beard xoxo Sums