Monday, April 11, 2011

Some Days are Just Filled with Poop Angels

You know when something just gets on your nerves and then the rest of the day goes downhill?  Not necessarily major stuff, just irritating stuff that compounds.

This morning started off relatively normal.
Andrew up for school, Lily up for her morning bottle, Fresh Beat Band on the tv.

Andrew decided he wanted to take his lunch today.  Lunch packed. 

Off he went to school.

Without his lunchbox.

Lily started to get fussy. Cue: naptime.

Andrew called, asked me to bring his lunch.  As soon as Lily goes down for her nap, I will.

Down she went.  *cough cough* cry *cough cough cough* cry cry *cough cough cough cough neverending cough* cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

It took an hour and a half to get her to sleep.  By this point, my nerves were shot. Poor baby was just pitiful.

Her cough started slightly on Saturday and has gotten worse. Today was horrible. 

I get her to sleep.  Make certain she's sleeping and tell George (who is sleeping) that I'm headed to take Andrew's lunch.  I was gone TWENTY minutes. 

I get a text "Where are you?"


I get home and he and Lily are both up.  TWENTY MINUTES.

I was already irritated that she's sick because Reagan coughed in her face for two days.  Yes, kids and babies get sick, that's fine and NOT my issue.  But telling a kid no less than 15 times to "get out of her face", pisses me off.  It's the not listening that pisses me off.  If listening occured, then the coughing wouldn't have been in Lily's face.   And yes, there's a difference between a 7 year old getting sick and an 8 month old baby getting sick.  (For those of you who call me a stalker, but then still come and read my blog and pretend you don't, if it were Andrew not listening it would have pissed me off too.)

So, sick, coughing baby has slept for 20 minutes after the hour and a half it took to GET her to sleep.

I walked in the door and immediately barked, "I told you where I was going and clearly you didn't listen. Why is she up?"   ugh I was hot!

"She was screaming her head off and coughing."

"It took me an hour and a half to get her to sleep and she slept for 15 or 20 minutes?"

At this point, it is now time for Lily to have her bottle.  Cue: feeding grumpy, miserable baby.

She, of course, is exhausted and playtime was mixed with happy, coughs and some tears.

I smell poop.

I laid her down on her floor blanket to change her and notice that the diaper was not on as tightly as it needed to be. i.e. the tabs were more out on her hips instead of closer to her belly.  

I take her diaper off, lift her legs and omgthereispoopeverywhere!  Up her back, all over the blanket. I'm trying to move the diaper, grab the wipes, lift her off of where the poop is now all over the blanket so she's no longer laying in it, and get her cleaned up.  She was moving her arm in the poop on the blanket making poop angels like snow angels.

I laid wipes over the spot that was on the blanket and while still holding both of her feet in one hand, cleaned the poop off of her arm. Whew. ok, one thing done....NO, WAIT! STOP! She grabbed at all the wipes that were laying ON the poop to prevent further poop angels and where does everything immediately go with an 8 month old?  Headed towards her mouth.   She DID NOT make it to her mouth. THANK GOD!

Finally get her all cleaned up and she's content again.  I put her in the exersaucer and head with the poop blanket to the laundry thus meeting with my nemesis, laundry. Daddy is lucky I didn't make him take care of the poop angel blanket after his diaper tab fail that was the source of the poop angel making.

Laundry going, Lily and me cleaned up, diaper outside into the trashcan.  I come back to the livingroom and Lily is leaning against the lion puppet on her exersaucer with her eyes half closed.  :(   Poor poopy, sick, exhausted baby.

Down she went.  Early.  No crying which equaled no coughing.


She slept.

She did wake up after about an hour crying and coughing, found her pacifier and went back to sleep on her belly, of course, but she'd actually propped her chest up on her bunny lovey. I'm guessing not sleeping flat makes her feel better...

She slept another hour and a half....less coughing.

When this baby girl lets you hold her to snuggle and not be up looking around, jumping etc, then you know she doesn't feel good. :(    She snuggled with me and with Daddy today and tonight.

Here's hoping that this cough doesn't keep us all her up all night and there are no poop angels in her dreams.


  1. What a sucky day, but I couldn't help but laugh at your story. Maybe because I've been there (minus the poop angels). M has asthma so when she is sick, she coughs ALL NIGHT while sleeping, I feel your pain. Hope she's better soon!

  2. OMFG thank God you caught it before it reached her mouth. Ick. Ack. Must put down this breakfast stat!

  3. Ugh. Poor mommy! Poor Lily! I hope you have a better day!
    Kids getting into my baby's face no matter if it's my child or not irritate me to know end. I'm always saying "give B some SPACE!
    Sending healing thoughts to Lily!

  4. That so reminds me of the time when I had to change my niece at a restaurant. She was covered in poo and so was I. It was horrible. I almost started crying.

    And I totally understand about the kids not listening and being right in the baby's face. I fight with my kids all of the time about them staying out of my 7 mo old niece's face when they have a cough. It is like talking to a brick wall!!

  5. What a horrible day!! And why do men do that?!? My husband does the same thing - calls or texts me 800 times if I am gone for more than 15 min. Ugh.

    I would be irritated if either of my kids wouldn't listen and kept coughing all over the place. I am not a germ-a-phobe, but come on!

    Hope she starts to feel better - we were just at the dr again today. Zach has an ear infection - seriously when will it end?!

  6. The not listening thing pisses me off too - big time problem in my house these days!

    I don't understand men - like why didn't he see that the diaper and poop were the issue and take care of it? They are so helpless sometimes (or pretend to be, I think!)

    So hard when kids are sick - I have been battling that the last few weeks too and it is so exhausting!