Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Little Bit of This & That

Aside from the regular busyness of school, homework, and typical stuff, we have Easter egg dyeing planning, egg hunt activities, sickness, lots of doctor visits and as always some stepfamily stress thrown in this week. I wanted to get this all down for my own journaling because duh, who else is it interesting to? *Thanks to twitter I do that for briefer random moments too.

The weather has been dismal and for this girl, who needs sunshine, that's been rough.

~Lily's been taking her antibiotic great and we go to the doctor again next week for her 9 month (WHAT??) well visit and they'll recheck her ears then.

She's been playing on the floor a lot --there's no longer putting her down and her staying in one place. This sweet baby girl is one knee away from a real crawl. She'll slide one knee forward to move, but then the other one just gets stretched back out and off she army crawls.  She's learning to manuever around the coffee table legs after she's bonked her head into them a few times.  A couple times, she's gotten up on her knees, rocks back and then leaps forward like a little bunny or a frog.  It's been adorable to watch her explore this way.  We've been in NO hurry for her to crawl and let her do things on her own schedule completely.  Daddy and I are enjoying her so much!

~Andrew has enjoyed reading his new Scout handbook amidst doing homework, hockey, and playing with his baby sister. Boy, oh boy does he adore her!  There is always a pile of random action figures to be stepped on found around him too. Weekends are the only time for videogames or no school days--today was a half day, so he's looking forward to extra videogame time this weekend.
The Spring hockey season begins this week as well as his continuing with the travel hockey team. He's doing really well and continually improving!

We've also been working on his summer plans with us, my family and his dad and his family.  There are simply NOT enough weeks in the summer. :(  School doesn't get out until mid June this year either.

Not sure how that will all play out, but there are a lot of people and distances to accomodate, so it's certainly a puzzle. 
This is what Sunday morning looks like:

~I got an interesting phone call the other day.
The lesson I learned is to ensure that I have phone numbers programmed
into my phone so that I can just not answer in the first place.

*phone rings* 
me: hello? 
caller: Stephanie
me: Yes?
caller: what the f*ck is your problem?
me (still not recognizing who it is): Excuse me? *recognizes the use of language*
caller: blahblahblahblahblahblahblah
me: *hang up*

Some information to add: If you are swearing at me and yelling at me on the phone, I will not entertain your phone call.
It, without a doubt, doesn't mean I'm scared.
I just don't put up with people yelling at me.
And I don't have to put up with it.

Additional information:  If someone reads public internet information, it's just that--public. 7 times or 70,000 times. Public.  You do not have the power to cancel my internet service, but thanks for the best add-on to any joke.

~Reagan missed school last week due to pink eye. Ugh. Fortunately, we were able to get drops from the doctor right away and it's under control and didn't get passed around our house. She came back home a little stuffy with the lingering cold that never seems to go away.  Poor kid is always sick.  She's excited about her break from school too, which also got cut a little bit short due to snow days, but still a nice little break. She is with biomom on Easter this year, so we'll be dyeing eggs and Easter egg hunting before she leaves Saturday night. We always make sure to do things like that when she's here so she's able to participate. She's one of those dip it in for a few seconds and then wants to pull the egg out and either put it in another color or move on to a new egg.  Last year she made the "cutest" brown egg. :)

~I need to make my list for Easter and get to the store, but have zero desire to do it. The thought of 3 kids at the store always makes me readjust my plans.  I think tomorrow, I will be leaving Daddy in charge and out the door...ALONE I will go.  Yeah, that's after all the other scheduled events.

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  1. i can't believe that phone call! and watch out...once they start crawling fast, it's over. Sina is everywhere!!!