Monday, April 25, 2011

Your Silence Haunts Me...but Still I Hunger for You

It's funny how going from playing with a toy that she's had and played with since Christmas, like this:

To this-- with the push of a button:

Friday, Lily and I were playing in her room after her morning nap and one of the toys she picked up was her toy guitar.  It has a cylinder with beads in it that spins for the "strings" and two buttons that play "rock" versions of  I've Been Workin' on the Railroad and Yankee Doodle Dandy.  She picks it up, "strums" the strings fine and then moves on to pushing a button and terror ensues...

Yet, she keeps picking it up to play with it and pushing the buttons...

Whew...that was exhausting. :)

It wasn't a fluke, I tried it again for Daddy too. Can't say I didn't laugh. ;)

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  1. little ones will get scared of something they have loved forever so quickly when they are little...Kelcee had this leap fro Lilly (LOL about the name here since we are talking about Lilly) that sang the number song that she looooved then one day Lilly freaked her out and no more Lilly then like two months later Lilly was her bestie again and still is funny stuff I tell ya...

    So I do believe your precious Lilly will be rockin' back out in no time...when she becomes the next american idol you can totally show her this post LOL