Friday, April 8, 2011

The Evolution of Sleep

Sleep has naturally been a big topic of discussion for the last 8 1/2 months of our lives with Lily making her arrival into our lives. 

Overall, she's a great sleeper...sleeps 11-12 hours at night and has two naps during the day...morning for an hour and a half to two hours and a 2 hour afternoon nap. If she doesn't get all that daytime, she'll catnap during the witching hour for 45 minutes or so. She's pretty much been sleeping all night since she was 2 months old.

Yes. We are LUCKY!

When we first brought her home, there was a lot of sleeping ON us, in the boppy next to us on the couch, on top of a pillow etc.
She spent the first two months of her life in our bedroom in her pack and play.

When she was itty bitty she preferred to sleep on her belly. Oh the horror! She slept better. We did it for all her daytime sleeping. At night, we'd put her to bed on her back and she'd end up on her side for the most part. 
oh those sleep smiles...

Once she started to be able to push up with her arms while on her belly, belly sleeping became a thing of the past. She wouldn't sleep. She'd just be interested in looking around and not sleeping. So back to sleep on her back she went.

We had a period of time where she'd want to take a little nap on the couch, but wouldn't let herself fall asleep...and as soon as daddy put a pillow on the top of her head, out like a light she'd go.

Sometimes, it just doesn't even matter where she is...when it's time to sleep, it's time to sleep.
For a long, long time, Lily  has been happily sleeping on her back all night and leaving me to actually sleep. Yes, I still wake up to check the monitor and make sure she's ok, but I have been SLEEPING all night.
Well, after she realized last week that she has the capability to roll over to her belly in her bed in every attempt to keep herself awake...  I'm Done Sleeping

She is now, once again, a belly sleeper.
And now I wake up a million times every night again to make sure she's ok...just like when she was new.



  1. Oh my dear, you are blessed and I'm so jealous! :-) Plus, She is beautiful! I'm dreaming (when I am actually sleeping) of the night when Houdini sleeps soundly for more than 4 hours at a time. I will probably be so freaked out that I will be checking on her every 5 minutes. Heh. Of course it's an IF not a WHEN.

  2. First WOW she is so adorable! Second, you are def lucky. Logan and Dom both were sleeping through the night very early by 7 weeks BUT since Logans ear infections started early spring last year, he has not slept through the night all the time since :( Even after getting the surgery, he still wakes up when his ears itch or drain. Its never ending. Im going to be a zombie soon with a newborn not sleeping through the night and an 18 month old not sleeping either.

  3. What a sweet post I love seeing all the sweet pics of precious LIly and I love the pic of her and her daddy with his hat propped up on his head LOL so stinkin' cute! OK so you girl are blessed to have such a great sleeper at night whooo hoo! We had a wedge for Kelcee and she always slept on her side for she had projectile spit up and we were scared she would choke...I was up tons checking on her,now I have heard there is a angel monitor and halo monitor that you put under neath the matress or on the baby's diaper and it tracks there breathing etc. and gives mommy more piece of mind, whew wish I had known about it!

    Lily is adorable...


  4. She is so very beautiful Steph!

    You are doing so great with her too!!

    I love coming over here to see her sweet face and what cute outfit she has on!!

    that is all

  5. She is so cute. For what it's worth - Elise has been sleeping on her tummy since she was 4 months old and the doctor told me her head was getting flat. I freaked out and she never slept on her back again - coincidentally - she slept WAY better on her tummy and still does! They are old enough now that SIDS really isn't an issue.

  6. It's been 6 1/2 years since my last baby started sleeping through the night at 7 months and I'm still jealous reading this post!

  7. I think if either of my boys slept I would have had a dozen kids! So jealous.

    She looks so precious sound asleep!

  8. Wow! You were definitely lucky! My 3 year old still prefers to sleep on his stomach with his legs tucked under him! It is amazing how they find their preference. She is such a cutie!