Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Eat.Sleep.Play Hockey.

There's a lot of hockey in my house. Obviously, hence the name of my blog. :)

Andrew has been playing deck hockey since we moved to Pittsburgh in the fall of 2007.  Fall, Winter, Spring. Each year.  This year in addition to the Winter and Spring (is it EVER going to be Spring?), he's joined the travel team which is a more competitive group. This means in addition to his regular hockey, every Sunday he has travel practice for a couple hours.  It has been SO GOOD for him! I've seen him grow and learn and improve his game so much in these last several months.  He has great coaches who push him in the ways he needs pushed.  Andrew is one of those kids who becomes motivated by being around better players.  Last weekend, in preparation for upcoming tournaments, his travel team had scrimmage games.

Andrew in the black & green skull shirt with white helmet
 yeah the kid on his back? sometimes penalties don't get called
Sunday, his coaches came up to me and said: "Your boy had the best game of his LIFE today! I have never seen him play like that." and the other coach said, "He did! He played unbelieveable!"   Such a confidence booster for him and of course super proud moment for me!

This coming weekend will be the first tournament for Andrew. We're all looking forward to it. Friday and Saturday will place their teams for Sunday's playoffs.  It will be busy for sure, but we're looking forward to it!

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