Friday, April 27, 2012

Earth Wind & Fire...Do You Remembah

It's interesting to me when I stop to think of the season that being a mom of a tween and a toddler at the same time puts me in.  Most days, I'm immersed in stories of language development and toddler-wrangling until later in the day then it's homework, discussions about friends and responsibilities all while little miss is running around wanting to chatter to everyone and climb all over me.

Last night was orientation for the parentals {me} for junior high school.  My first baby is going to junior high.  He was just a baby yesterday, you know.

As we sat in the auditorium listening to the principals and the guidance counselor talk about what to expect, when the orientation for the kids would be, and other varying transitional information, we learned the team names that the students will be broken into are called: Earth, Fire, & Wind. 

Ok, come on, I was not the youngest of the group by any means and they really should just say, "Earth, Wind & Fire," and give the incoming 7th graders a theme song from the band.   Anywho, I thought it was funny and later when I asked Andrew if he knew what the teams were called, he even said Earth, Wind & Fire.  So, of course I broke into song in the car.  He rolled his eyes and said, "Mom. Don't embarrass me." Which prompted me to started singing louder. :)  Ohhhhhhh the fun of a tween! *muhahah*

The one major piece of info that was truly helpful was learning the date of the kids' orientation in August.  With his dad being out of state, we have some rearranging to do already.  School also starts earlier next year than it previously has, so this kid has a jam packed summer of travel 6 weeks before school is even out.

Shortly, after I got home from orientation, we headed out  to Andrew's hockey game.  This was the 2nd of the season after he took the winter season off.  The weather has recently gotten cold again and it was freezing at the game. George and the girls stayed home because the game had a late start and it was so cold.
Andrew played really well and is working on improving his own game by focusing on anticipating plays.  I love hockey and it's really enjoyable to watch him play~especially when he's on and putting in great effort to do his best!

The ended up winning 11 to 0 after their 1st game ended in a 0 to 0 tie after overtime.  So far, the season's off to a good start! Everyone keeps asking where Lily is since no one has really seen her since last fall. She'll be a lot of fun at the deck now since she loves to run and will have room to do just that while Andrew's playing.  Next week he's got three games, so hopefully the weather will cooperate and warm up.

It was a good night of Andrew-centered business to attend to and I always enjoy my one-on-one time with him even if it's just a ride in the car.

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