Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I See Your True Colors

I wasn't quite sure how coloring eggs was going to go with Lily this year. With her, you just never know if she's going to dive right in, sit back and watch, or get fussy about any part of it.

Last year, she turned 9 months on Easter Day and this year she's 20 months, so there's definitely a mix of laid back and toddler drama.

Turns out she did all 3. ;)  Of course.

As I said, we waited until Easter morning when Reagan came back home before coloring, so after breakfast and baskets and once our dessert was baking, it was time!

Lily is one funny little person and this year was definitely fun to watch!
Hmmmmmm....what to do first, Bubby.
{she literally says "hmmmm?" when she puts her hand on her face like this}

Most definitely there was some tasting involved this year too.

We tried using the wire whisk method this year to keep it easy for Lily and although she did use it, she also used her hand and the spoons as well. At one point, she picked up an egg and literally threw it in the dye. You know, since 20 month old toddlers are always gentle.  That created a lot of laughter in the older two.

She was wayyyyy too fascinated with the egg dyeing to stop for pictures. :)

Easter egg coloring success and I think Lily is a big fan too ! Can't wait 'til next year!


  1. Love it. The Hmmmm (Logan does that too) and the taste testing. Priceless!

  2. Those pictures are so cute! It looks like she loved it!

  3. This is awesome! I cant wait until A2 can really participate!