Monday, April 9, 2012

A Little Color...Looking Back

One of our traditions since we became a family is to color Easter eggs together. 

Andrew and I have always done it and when we met George and Reagan it was something we continued as well.  Sometimes it doesn't happen until Easter Day just based on how our holiday falls with scheduling.  This was one of those years. We've always made sure she was with us and this year was no exception.

Before I get to this year, I wanted to look back on this tradition... I love how little these two look!

our first Easter together

 We also celebrated my 35th birthday that year.



Lily's 1st Easter~so she was added in. :)


  1. Between Prom and Tax season... we totally forgot to color eggs this year. Mother of the year right here!! Who forgets to color easter eggs? --- ME! They look adorable as always! Hope your Easter was great!

  2. I love seeing how they grow year to year!