Monday, April 2, 2012

We're Goin' On an Egg Hunt!

This year was Lily's 1st egg hunt.  Our township does this annually and although she was 9 months last year on Easter, it rained, so we didn't go just for the photo op.  This year, we woke up to a chilly, cloudy day and were hoping the rain would hold off.  It did, thankfully!

We slightly bundled up and headed off to the community center. Andrew went with us happily begrudgingly, but was glad he was there to watch Lily too. ;)

Lily loveloveloves to run! If there's open space, she is so happy to just go.  Trying to corral her while we waited for the hunt to begin was challenging.  We passed her back and forth between the Daddy, Andrew and myself. Mostly Daddy and Andrew since I had the camera.

When it was finally time for the "hunt", she was thrilled to be able to run in an open field!
Daddy helped show her to put her eggs in her basket and once she knew what to do, there was no stopping her.  Each child was to gather 12 eggs and then turn them in for their goodie bag.  We just let her put the eggs in her basket and then tossed back out any more than 12.

She was very proud of herself!

We had a good time watching her gather eggs in her basket. She occasionally stopped to dance too.

You'll see how difficult it is to contain this one as I tried to get a picture with her for literally one minute.

 Be free, little one!

When we finished up with the hunt and on our way out, we ran into somebody very special... I was shocked at her reaction! She literally gasped saying, "Ohhhhhh" as she couldn't get out of her daddy's arms fast enough to get to the Easter Bunny.

She was enamored with the bunny.

She tried to kiss the bunny a billion times, and kept touching his face and climbed up for him to hold her.

Thanks, Easter Bunny! {bock bock}

See ya next year!


  1. Oh my goodness, her smile kills me!!! It looks like she really enjoyed it. Love the bunny pictures the most-adorable!

  2. Looks like so much fun! I hope our Lily gets the whole concept this weekend. She tends to get distracted pretty easily :)

    Your Lily was only born like 4 days before my Lily. Crazy!

  3. Soo it looks like Easter is Lily's holiday...maybe she will be ready for Santa this year! Loved the adorable pictures!

  4. It's so cute to see toddlers on the run! I love her colorful :)

  5. how precious! i love her little sweater!

  6. Beautiful! So glad the weather cooperated this year and you all had a great time!!