Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lil' Bit of Life

Happy Thursday!

Lily and I have had a productive morning in the kitchen since Andrew and Reag headed off to school.  Andrew is on day two of a science centered field trip, so I was up early packing his lunch, ensuring he was weather appropriate to be outdoors all day and getting all the things signed and returned to school that the big kids need each day.

After a breakfast of waffles for Andrew, Count Chocula for Reagan and yogee {yogurt} and Cheerios for Lily that resulted in her second timeout over breakfast, it was kitchen cleanup and dishes time. 

Whenever I'm cooking or doing something in the kitchen, Lily likes to be right in there too.  Most times, she plays with her play kitchen mimicking and chattering about washing her hands, counting what pans she's using or opening and closing the cabinets and turning knobs.  I love it! Well, except when I'm trying to make supper and she's hurling all her pots, pans, spoons etc. all over the kitchen floor so I have to move carefully around the landmines she's just planted.

I did the dishes while she played and made me eggs ~ "eggs mama?" I see now that the egg she made me was formerly a landmine on the floor. :)

See that scrape on her face in the last picture? Poor baby! Last night she played outside with Andrew and Reag and tripped on the concrete.  She scraped her face and her fingers, but otherwise ok. No screaming. A few tears at first, but they quickly stopped because she wanted to keep playing.

She was so happy to be outside with the big kids!

One final Lily note...we've GOT to fix the way she says "frog"...



  1. Bwahahahaha! You better fix that word STAT!
    She is too cute. I was wondering what happened to her poor little cheek!

    1. I KNOWWWWW! Seriously, if she sees a frog picture out in public somewhere, can you imagine?!

      Thanks! Her face looks better already today. :)

  2. A play kitchen in the real kitchen, this is a GENIUS idea, thanks friend! V is getting a kitchen next Christmas, of course it is already bought...clearance deal! Hopefully we are in the bigger house by then, fingers crossed!

    1. Oh friend...Santa did the same thing for Lily! Had that play kitchen from March until it was unveiled Christmas morning! 30 bucks versus 120, yeah. Worth it! Lily LOVES playing in the kitchen in the kitchen!