Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Sissy Went Bye Bye"

Last Friday afternoon, Lily was looking out the livingroom windows and calling, "Sisssss-eeeee!"
I aimply answered, "Sissy's at school, Punky."   She accepted the answer and went about her afternoon playing, singing, reading, dancing, coloring.

When she woke up Sunday morning, she looked over to Reagan's bed on the other side of her room and said, "Sissy."  I thought for a minute about how to respond and simply said, "Sissy's not here."

I thought back to Friday afternoon when Lily was calling for her at the window.  Reagan wasn't coming home that night, but instead going to visit BM for her weekends. 

After Sunday's inquiry, I said to George that I wondered what Lily thinks about where or why Reagan isn't here over the weekend.   Lily and I talk about Daddy being at work and she's said "scooooo" when Andrew and Reagan are gone during the day for a long time now, so she is aware that people come and go at different times.

But, this one's a new one.

Sure, it sound simple to just say, "She's at her mom's." 
But to a 20 month old?
It's not that simple.  For now, we just say, "Sissy went bye bye."

And that's far better than the explanation she doesn't need. 

BM refers to Reagan being "away at school" for the week. I laugh because she's not away at boarding school or in college and then goes home for the weekend. She lives with her dad. I guess that's a hard pill for BM so she says Reagan's "away at school." 

I'm far more of a realistic person than one to paint a false picture.
"Sissy went bye bye," is truthful and age appropriate for now.  Not something I ever considered I'd have to think about how to respond to my toddler.

Like George said, "Unfortunately, Lily will understand it soon enough."


  1. I think its so sweet she misses her when she's not there!

  2. That is so sweet- yes, that is perfect to tell her:)

  3. That is a great way to explain it to her. That is adorable how much she misses her sister when she is not there!