Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter 2012

To finish up Easter {mostly}, aside from the dyeing Easter eggs, I have yet another post to add about our holiday.

On Saturday, we headed over to Granny & Pappy's for Easter dinner and hanging out with our Pittsburgh family. We feasted on yummy food, hung out talking, the kids got special Easter goodies, and we just spent the evening with those we love.  It was really nice. We adore them and are so grateful for their love in our lives!

This is what 12 looks like sometimes.

My babes checking out Easter goodies from Granny & Pappy.

Andrew reading & Lily sneaking candy...

Sunday morning, George and Andrew headed to pick up Reagan for her to spend the holiday at home with us this year.  We had frenchtoast and sausage for breakfast together which may not seem like any big deal, but the last time the 5 of us had breakfast together was probaby last November.

I made cupcakes to take back over to Granny & Pappy's for our leftover Easter grub lunch while the kids colored eggs. The "carrots" were orange starbursts with fruit rollups for the stems. They must have been convincing because George asked me, "Who wants to eat carrots with their cupcakes?" when he saw them. I added cinammon sugar to the top for the "dirt".  They turned out pretty cute, I think.

After the egg dyeing, we needed to get Lily in the bath before we headed to our Pittsburgh Parents' house for the afternoon.  She's one who LOVES her bath and cannot wait to get in! Daddy had to stop her today from launching her excited self into it.

The Easter Bunny left goodies for the kids in their baskets, of course. Last year, Lily had just started crawling, had no clue about her Easter basket~ pretty much a prop for me to take pictures. :) This year she oooh'd and ahhh'd!

The first thing Lily pulled out of her basket was new "pretties". That Easter Bunny knows her well.

She got a "quackie" {duck} dressed up like a bunny that she loved.

 The aftermath.

It was an enjoyable day for everyone to hang out, eat leftovers {my favorite potato salad in the world} and just relax. 

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  1. The picture of Lily diving into the tub is hilarious, and the ones of her finding her basket are adorable!