Monday, April 23, 2012

A Pictorial

I mentioned yesterday that we'd been away for the weekend.  This is Lily's version.

Watching Daddy getting ready to go fish.
{it was wayyyyyy too cold for the rest of us to go out with him}

 She kept hollering down to him, "Dadddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyy! Hi Dada!"

Then she'd look at the birds flying and talk to them for a bit.

And then run back and forth across the balcony.

Then back to Daddy...

"hmmmmm" what to do next?
{she literally says hmmmm when she puts her finger on her chin}

She decided to toss her hairbow over the balcony, "Awayyyyyyyy!"

Andrew went down to retrieve the hairbow and help Daddy with something.

Watching Daddy head off in the "boap"

Not thrilled about him leaving her...



  1. Lily is precious!! Love this. :) By the way, I've tagged you in a post on my blog!