Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend: Party of Three

Weekends in our house are usually the four of us ~George, Andrew, Lily and myself.  This past weekend, Andrew headed out of town with Scouts for a trip to Valley Forge, Independence Hall in Philadelphia and the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville.  So, once again our party of three remained.

Friday morning, we dropped him off early morning to head off on his big trip and snapped a couple phone pictures of him. I thought it was sweet him saying goodbye to Lily. ♥

After two days of a fever, I suspected Lily had an ear infection. After dropping Andrew off at Scouts, we got an appointment at the pediatrician, dropped Reag off at school and off to the doctor we went.

20 months weighing in at 26 1/2 pounds. 

poor baby. :(

Yep. Ear infection. Mama knows her girl.  After the last time {about 6 months ago} when we discovered her allergy to penicillin, we've been fortunate that she's been healthy and hasn't had any more medicine other than occasional ibuprofen for teeth pain. A new antibiotic on tap and within a day, she was good to go. Thankfully she's a champion medicine taker too! 
That night we hung out at home and watched the Pens self-destruct in their second playoff loss of the series. Blech.

Of course, nothing says awesome like your husband asking you if you smell natural gas in the basement on an otherwise uneventful Saturday afternoon.  Turns out after a visit from the fire department and then the gas company, we did have a leak.   So with the gas was shut off, our party of three quickly took showers before there was no hot water.  Just what everyone always wants.

Everything got repaired Saturday night and Sunday morning the gas company came back on to turn the gas back on. I'd already decided on an easy, family fav crockpot meal for supper, so there was no worry about what to do if the gas company didn't come out quickly.   Fortunately this wasn't a huge problem and I'm so, so grateful for a husband who is handy and capable. I love that about him!

Again Sunday, we watched the Penguins destruction in the third playoff game of this series.   Andrew arrived home from his trip. Lily was super excited to see him! We were glad he was home too.


  1. Ugh- no water a couple weeks ago and now no gas?! Glad it got fixed quick and I hope that's it!! I bet Andrew had a great trip- can't wait to hear about it!

  2. That picture of Lily at the doctor is so pitiful. Poor baby girl!