Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Toddler Verbiage

When you have a verbally exploding toddler running your life around, it's hard not to find yourself commenting on the things she says all the time and saying words like she does even when she's asleep.

Currently, the top two repeated {by her parents} words are "So....." and "news".  
Lily walks around chatter chatter chatter all day long just saying words she knows.  Sometimes she's talking about things going on around her, sometimes she's just saying words out loud, sometimes sharing with us things she sees and can verbally identify, and sometimes she's engaging in coversation with someone or the tv or the dog. Rarely is she quiet. 

She uses, "Soooooo...." just like that. Elongated space filler.  It's hilarious. We watch one particular news channel and promos are on a lot where they say the word "news" a billion times.  Her version is lispy at the end, "newth".  It's adorable.

George and Andrew say "newth" all the time randomly.  It always makes me laugh.

I keep a list of new words, phrases, and funny things Lily does with her age so we don't forget. Because as much as I think I'd be able to remember, I know I won't. There's too much and time goes too quickly.

The other day, she and I were in the car and had a conversation like this:
L: "Mama. Mommy. Mommy. Mama. Mum. Mama. Mama. Mum. Mommy."
Me: "Lily." 
L: "Hi."
{Family Guy anyone? yeah. it was just that.}

Daddy says, "Gimme five, buddy!" and hold out his hand and she does it back, loudly exclaiming, "BUDDY!"  However, if I do the exact same thing, she just gives me five. No "buddy".

I love watching her social interactions develop. She's very loving and snuggly and also very independent. She likes to do things on her own, her own way sometimes.

We have noticed she's become VERY attached to her blanket and her paci in the last month or so.  The paci is going away at age 2, once those damn 2 year molars finish coming through ruining sleep. 

She cries, "Pthaaa--seeee" when she can't find it. It's one of those words she says funny where her tongue comes out on the letter "p" and it's elongated as she whines for it.  She loveloveloves her "blankie".  Her favorite is a purple afghan her great-grandmother crocheted for her before she was born. My grandmother.  The thing about it is, it's big. And she drags it all over with her. She's been sleeping with it her whole life and I'm so glad she loves it so much, but sheesh it's twice as long as she is and she wants it with her all the time.   She elongates her longing for "baaaaankeeeeee" too. And sometimes she just says short and quick, "" like a staccato note. 

Last night was one of those miserable teeth nights where she had her paci IN her mouth, her baaaannnkeeeee wrapped around her, yet she was crying for both.  She woke up 3 different times and the final time was about 5:45am.  It's going to be rough when it's time for paci to go to paci heaven I can already tell. Yikes!  I'm just not willing to have a pacifier wielding giant walking around, so despite the difficulty, it will happen.  But, until then, "pthaaaa-seeeee" is ok with me for the next 3 and 1/2 months.


  1. adorably lily! i love you! i have a running list of Sina words in my iphone. i haven't done an update on her in months. i'm so bad!

  2. So cute! You should link this up if you want:) The verbiage they have is so cute! I got the reference to Family GUy because that is all my husband watches-lol. I hope her teething gets better!