Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Some Random Musings

I've got some random stuff to dump tonight. Some of it funny, some it annoying, some of it venting. None of it worthy of an individual post on its own, so it'll all get lumped together and out of my head.  That works for me and well, since I write for me, that's exactly what I'll do.

~ Have you ever accidently sent a text to someone other than to who you meant to send it?  Let me give you an example:  tonight I sent a quick text to a friend who also has an iPhone {which means it should be blue on my screen}. It was still green {non-iPhone}. Whoops.  So, I yelled to my husband in the other room, "Hey, I just sent you a text accidently I meant for Carisa." 

No biggie, right.

Rewind 3 years. I did the same thing with the same people. Only then I was standing in front of the courthouse dealing with false abuse allegations in the middle of a custody trial and I had some not so nice choice words to say about someone in my husband's life.  Yikes!!!

The moment we were all standing together and my husband read his text {not intended for him} and looked at me silently wondering why I had written what I did, was seared into my memory. I felt terrible. 

His reply to me tonight, "You weren't calling {blank} names again were you?" and laughed. I laughed too.

Lesson learned.

~The husband got a nasty email from BM today and we had a good laugh about it. 
Apparently, me emailing Reag's friend's mom basically saying, "BM won't let Reagan come to the slumber party unless you send her the same information we did directly, can you please just appease her?" Again, EM-barrassing.    Reag asked BM on the phone again tonight if she was allowed to go and BM told her, "As long as your dad will take you."  WHAT?!  

People who argue both sides of everything to suit their own convenience are ridiculous.  One side is: oh I only have blah blah short time with MY daughter, no way can she do ANYTHING like Brownies or anything that normal kids do and I can't pick her up/drive her/let her/control her because of blah blah blah, so of course you can't have her come do anything in your neighborhood on a weekend because it's MY time. While the other side is: "As long as your dad will take you." even though it's not HIS time it works out conveniently for me and I don't give a crap whether he has anything to do Friday night since it's all about me anyway, so if HE doesn't do it for you and make his family's schedule work for me, then you can't go. 

Nice position, bit BM.  Of course, we'll ensure she's taken care of. We always do and always will. And don't think you're the hero in this, you're not. Pathetic.

People, if you  have a child with someone, ensure they are sane and their family is also.  It will save you more headache than I could ever tell you.  And if you divorce, do right by your children always. It's never about you anymore.  Thank you to my ex-husband & his fiance for walking right in this with us.

~Today, I forgot one of the kids had an appointment late this afternoon. CRAP! Or as Lily will say, "Cap!" oops.  What that meant was calling the school and rearranging the afterschool bus riding to car pick up and more importantly that meant Lily only ended up with 45 minute nap for the whole day.  Luckily, she was in perfect Lily mode and was entertaining, happy and just full of joy.  She kept an entire waiting room laughing, smiling and talking.  She makes me smile always.  She knows no stranger and I often wonder watching other people interact with her, if she creates a change in their attitude at the moment. She is infectious.  I am so grateful for the gift of being her mother.

~Ok, bloggers. Captcha on your comments. Gotta go.   Change it in your settings.
You know how many times I write out a comment and then think it's posted only to realize that the blogger had captcha enabled and my comment is not there? Countless.  I hate it. And honestly, I won't go back and retype it all because time is valuable and there isn't enough in the day.

On the subject of commenting, thank you to those who do or email me instead of commenting publicly. I appreciate it.  I see who reads and I appreciate the conversation. I have been very lax about replying via email to comments left, but I assure you, I appreciate all of them.  My way of fixing that is to enable the "reply" within the comment section, so I will be doing that FOR. SURE!
I love that feature!!

~I seriously love Elise's voice on American Idol, but I cannot get past the chick's personality. So annoying. And I do not understand the fawning all over Joshua. Whatever. They'll all have deals, so it doesn't matter. If Taylor Hicks can win one season....blech.   Phillip Phillips' name annoys me, but man I love that kid!  He has this sultriness about him that I lovelovelove!

~That'll about do it, I think. Oh!  I hate the three hour time change between Arizona and here. It's always too early or too late to talk to family and friends.  And trying to enforce bedtimes for kids when it's light out still seriously sucks.  I'm ready for summer.

~And one final thing, I do have a giveaway coming up soon!  And when I hear the company's name, I always ALWAYS think of one song in particular.  Funny it came on this morning when I was taking the kids to school:  ooooohhhhh fun hint!


  1. On the Blogger note, do you know how to enable the "reply" option in the comments section? Mine never works!

    1. If you have your feed set to full and the comments as embedded, try clearing your cookies! That was the fix for me. I'm still playing around with the settings to see if I can get it to work any other way. :)


  2. I so agree with captcha. I hate it!!!
    I love Philip Phillips!

  3. The worst with captcha is when I forget someone has it, type out my comment, hit enter and close the page. UGH!

    Philip Phillips is seriously sultry when he sings!

  4. I HATE captcha, I don't have it right??? I have definitely texted the wrong person quite a few times in my day...I am excited for the Humpty Dumpty give away!!