Sunday, April 22, 2012

This One Time At Camp...


New Blogger, you surprised me.  I leave for a couple days and you go and change.  It's like dating in my 20s all over again.   Thank God, that's over.

Well, although I'm not one who loves things to change {that work just fine}, we'll see if this is as user-friendly as I'd like for it to be. I'll keep an open mind. ;)

Now, that I'm through talking to an inanimate object like it's real, {weirdo} I'll move on with the rest of my writing. 

I mentioned leaving for a couple day... Well, my family headed out of town{about an hour and a half away} for the weekend to my outlaws camp.  After 5 years of all things Pittsburgh, I still don't understand why people refer to a place as "camp".   It's definitely local though and not exclusive to my husband's family.  I've written about this before and it's still one of those things that sound weird. "I'm going to camp."~as a noun, not as a verb.  Pittsburgh puzzles me about things like this.

Anywhoooo, we headed to "camp" for the weekend. 
Well, actually the husband, the son and the pup headed up Friday night and Lily and I headed up early Saturday morning. I totally enjoyed a girls night Friday evening with Lily, just us.  She was in a great mood, funny and just happy.  She went to bed in time for mama to watch the Penguins do-or-die hockey game while George and Andrew got things squared away and settled at camp.

Lily and I headed out from home early and arrived around 10am. She was still sleepy~she NEVER sleeps in the car. Sweet sleepy girl.

It was rainy and cold most of the day, so we all spent the day hanging out, having lunch together, snacks, watching movies, playing video games and card games. 

Just my husband, my son, my daughter and myself.  Perfection. 

Minimal cell signal. No internet. No cable. Just family time. 

It was definitely needed. 

Friday night, the guys went out on the boat and my adoring husband who knows the little things keep me happy and snapped a picture of the two of them for me. 
♥ them!

They like their "man time."

Lily was 11 months when we were at camp last summer, {not the best 1st time} so this was a whole new adventure for her~ and us. She loved being outside on the balcony running back and forth, dancing and later calling down to her daddy on the river when he was getting on the boat.   And of course throwing her hairbow over the balcony... twice. Yelling "Awayyyyyyy!" each time.

She reminds us to appreciate the simple thing everyday and definitely keeps us on our toes!

There was some happy Daddy playtime and reading books on Daddy's phone. {The pop-up version of Peter Rabbit is really cutie!}

She loved not having a highchair and just being to eat like a big girl or whatever you want to call people to stand in chairs.

As we were eating, Lily was chattering about her body parts~particularly her face parts. "Eyes, Mama. Nose. Ears. Teeth. Hair...." 
That prompted a conversation between Andrew and I about her having blonde hair {what little she has} and brown eyes and him having {now} light brown hair and blue eyes.  I think they both have stunning eyelashes and eyes.

After Lily finally crashed, we watched a movie and played an eternally long game of Uno, laughed a lot and then went to bed.

{My father-outlaw has been doing a lot of drywall replacing, hence the ladder in the livingroom & they haven't officially "opened" for the season. We made due. :)}

Although, it was a brief time away, it was much needed.


  1. sounds like a wonderful `getaway`

  2. What a great weekend away! It is funny how everyone here refers to "camp". Lol