Monday, May 14, 2012

Class of 2018 Track & Field

Playing catch up always seems to slip away from me with blogging, so I've got a new organized plan to do just that.  Hopefully it'll work as I think!

Andrew's 6th grade track and field day is one of those big events I want to ensure gets journaled. I had said before it's a big event in our district. All 4 elementary schools participate and compete against one another.

Olympic-like opening ceremony, complete with music

Andrew's events were the softball throw, discus, 50 yard dash and the culimating Tug of War. The kids had to try out to make the tug of war team. :)

softball throw

discus throw

I didn't get a picture of his 50 yard dash because they were on the other end of the track with no access for parents. Boooooo.

The tug of war was fun to watch. Andrew's school finished 2nd. He was bummed!

Andrew and a couple of his friends near the end of the day. They were in great spirits. :) good kids!

Of course, I want him to remember I showed up. :)
Despite not placing in any of his events, he had a fun day with his classmates and friends! Lily and I enjoyed the day and proudly cheered him and the other kids on! 

I love that in this day of testing testing testing, this district still encourages and celebrates kids being kids. We just moved into this district when he was in 5th grade from another where 4th-6th was run very much like a junior high.  There were 14 fourth grade teams of 2 classes. They had no recess of any kind...not during the day or before/after lunch.  They had p.e. {gym as it is here} four days a week, so I guess they assumed that would suffice.  But, seriously as 9 year old KIDS {in 4th, he was} they need to be kids.  I'm so happy that this current district is keeping a lot of what is important in elementary school. That's the end of my educational frustation vent for today. :)

Sixth Grade Track & Field Day 2012 {Class of 2018} was a success!


  1. We have this at our school too and D loves it! I am glad they get to be kids too. They need it.

    1. They have a separate day for the rest of the kids (k-5) that takes place at school, but I like they make a big deal about it for 6th graders and they compete against all the schools!

      I totally agree...they need to be kids.

  2. I'm so glad he had fun! That's what really matters!