Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Not Typical Friday

Friday afternoon after naptime, Lily and I ran a few errands, picked up Reagan's bff's birthday gifts, grabbed a couple surprises for Daddy for his weekend away fishing and headed home to meet the big kids when they arrived. George was home before us which was a treat for Lily to see when we walked in. {Usually he comes home to she and I for our "party of three" time before Andrew and Reagan get home from school each day.}  She danced, squealed and jumped on the porch "Dadddyyyyy!!!!" as we approached the front door. Girl loves her daddy. ♥

Soon after, Andrew and Reag got home. Andrew came in his usual self, exclaiming something about the weather and having to hurry to the bathroom. Reagan bounced in grinning ear-to-ear, "Hi! Can I present this poster to you? Wow! I've never come home on a Friday before! I can't wait to go to Sophie's!"

We got the poster presentation for Reaganville, PA. She pointed out each part of her town that she drew and told us what she'd named everything. She had a little assistant mimicking the pointing. :)
 Lily is very into her big sissy this week. I think it's great because I think Reagan's feelings were hurt that she's always so into "Bubbbbbbeeeeeee".   Lily's also started saying "Reag" which we all find adorable. It sounds like "Rayyyyyyyyyg!"  Everything Lily says is seriously filled with excitement and it's stretched out like that.  When she tries to say Reagan, it is "Reag--eeee".  {When she says "broken" it's "broke-eee", so I guess she just likes the eeeee sound for "en".}

Andrew and Reag played video games together for an hour or so before it was time to take her over to Soph's for the party.  They were both excited since they have very limited time together to play. {video games don't happen during the school week here}

first time birthday party sleepover!

I was originally going to stay with the girls {Lily too} for supper, but I didn't end up doing that because of my snotty-nosed toddler.  But there's lots of summer time to hang out with all the girls and Reag's bff's mom and I are friends too, so we've made some summer plans already.

I hugged Reag, told her to enjoy herself and be present ~not worrying about BM or tomorrow. She's been working on that a lot here and in counseling ~learning to let go, so I hope she truly did.

I briefly saw her this morning {that'll be another post} and she said she had fun, but the anxiety was back. *sigh* 

I talked to BFF's mom this morning and she said the girls had a great time!

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  1. How cute are they?! The Reagan and Lily pics are priceless!! I'm so glad she had such a great sleepover.