Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend & Operation Paci

Our weeks are so busy and there's so much running around that when we have the opportunity to hang around the house on the weekends, we do it.

This weekend Andrew had to finish up a science project building a model of his room to scale using the metric system.  This was originally a group project.  Andrew learned pretty early on the value of choosing a group of like-minded people {not necessarily your friends} so you're not the one left doing all the work.  After parent-teacher conferences, Andrew and I had a discussion about group projects and the group he was in.  They hadn't even started and had several steps that were to have been completed already.  I told him he would be doing the project on his own and if he wanted to not cause trouble with the people in his group he could be a part of that too, but he was doing his.  He said he was just going to work on his own. I contacted his teacher about it {we'd discussed it at conference} and that was that. She'd made an announcement later that day about how several students were working on the projects on their own because members of the groups were not pulling their weight.  Andrew learned the "choose your group carefully" lesson quickly. 

He spent the majority of his Saturday constructing his model of his bedroom and the 10 objects he had to include. They had to measure everything in centimenters and then build a smaller scaled model. His was primarily out of cardboard, cardstock and a few pieces of fabric.  It turned out pretty nice. He told me I can't say "cute".  I'm not one of those parents who does the project for the kid. So it definitely looks like a 12 year old, 6th grade boy made it. As it should. I helped him organize his process so he didn't get overwhelmed, but the rest was all his creation. Today he had to present it and talk about the process measuring and building. Hope it goes well!

While Andrew was architecting, Lily and I spent a lot of time outside this weekend.  We forgot about the Touch a Truck until too late in the day on Saturday. Booooooo! I didn't look at my planner. Dummy.   George was down with a headache a lot of the day Saturday.  I meal planned and went grocery shopping. Gave Andrew a break to make him come to the grocery store with me. haha He hates grocery shopping, but he's always impressed with my savings and asks a lot of about that. "Well how much would it have cost if you didn't use coupons? Wow. That's a lot more, Mom."  Meal planning saves my sanity grocery shopping and with supper.  I posted a menu on the fridge this week so I don't have to hear "What's for supper? 19341934139 times a week."  Plus with days when we have activities going on I need something quick and easy when we have someplace to be at night. Sanity saving.  I get it, Mom.  Thanks for modeling it.

Also, we started Operation Paci Weaning this weekend.  We now have two months and 3 days until our goal of completely removed paci by Lily's 2nd birthday. I can't believe she's almost two, but that's a different post. :)  For now, she can only have her paci when she's in bed--naptime and bedtime. We'd been doing that, but then she was sick and teething and before we knew it we'd created a monster! Day one, Saturday. I got her out of her crib, took her paci and said, "bye bye paci, see you at naptime" and tossed it in her crib. She cried for it while I changed her diaper. I asked if she was ready to go back to bed, she'd shake her head no, so paci stayed. I put her down after changing her and she started screaming for "Paaaaaaaaaa ceeeeeeeeeee!"  I said no and headed out of her room. She ran into Andrew's room asking him to help her, "Bubbbba! Paaaaaa ceeeeeee!" She ran back and forth crying, screaming...temper tantrum. I could not stop laughing! She finally came downstairs, got some milk to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and asked for her paci a few times. I asked her if she was ready for her nap and told her she could have it at naptime.   Finally naptime came and she was happy for her paci.  Less dramatic scenario after naptime, but still some of the same...crying for her paci. Bedtime came and she got her paci relief. :)

Day two, Sunday.  She asked for her paci in the morning, but no tears or screaming. When naptime came, she didn't want it because she knew it meant she had to take a nap! Smart kid.  After nap, "bye bye paci".  She asked for a couple times in the evening when she got sleepy, but no screaming or crying. Bedtime came, so she got her paci. :)

Day three, Monday. Bye bye paci this morning when I got her up.  So far, she hasn't asked or cried for it. I love new good habits. :) 

We spent a lot of the afternoon Sunday outside, "Pay {play} pay, Mama!"  She colored with sidewalk chalk on the backporch. We played with a little bowling set she has, she went on her slide, played in her house, we blew bubbles, ran and explored. She's just so happy with simple. I love that about her.

Andrew finished his project then he and George played some video games together while I got Lily a bath and in bed.  She was definitely ready for bed last night.  Happy day, happy girl, happy mama!

I like our relaxing, non running around weekends at home. Summer begins soon and the older kids' schedules change, so it'll be a whole new adjustment for them and Lily. Until then, we've been savoring the moments.


  1. Yay for paci take away! We are going to start that soon too with Charlie (I am shooting for July after all our vacations). She is becoming attached to it a lot too

  2. Greg does the menu planning too, he is all about posting it on the fridge, I made fun of him at first, but totally get it now, it is a must! Yay for no paci! I love Lily's cute shoes!

  3. Yay for relaxing time! I know how hard breaking those habits are too! Will we get to see Andrew's project? Cant wait!!