Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Declutter & Back Up

My computer has been hooked up to our external hard drive for the better part of the last day and half...backing everything up. I mean everything.  Can I just say how happy that makes me???

Teaching files, sentimental emails, music, and most valuable to me, pictures. 


I've been fortunate that in the past when I have had computers crash and die, I've been able to recover everything.

I was sick to my stomach while the first time my ex-husband diligently worked to recover everything one time he was visiting Andrew when we lived in Arizona. That time my computer got shut off and simply would not turn back on.  I bought a new computer and he got everything off the original hard drive safely on to the new one.  He told me to back up my pictures.  I did then. But then I didn't again.

Several years later, my then fiance {now husband} stayed up all night recovering that original hard drive and the new one after a crash. I cried a lot.

All my pictures. 

So sick to my stomach. 

He, understanding the value of photos to me, was patient and worked through the night and recovered EVERY. SINGLE. THING.   He told me to back up my pictures.  I did many. But then I didn't again...

until now.

All my computer...essentially all three of them...all backed up on an external hard drive and many photos are already on discs from when I'd backed them up before.

As Lily would sing sweetly, "Happy. Happy."  That's how that makes me feel!

I deleted a bunch of stuff off my computer now {and much more to go}. 

Freeing, I tell you!

So, I figured as I was decluttering my computer, I'd declutter the 9235721308410 papers that have amassed in my dining room as well. It also prompted my husband to declutter his desk last night.

I have to say the winter really does a number on me here. I'm so motivated to clean when it's sunny.

I got my calendar updated with the next few months and the craziness of our schedules and trying to get things planned, so nothing slips through the cracks.  Believe it or not, we've already discussed Thanksgiving plans. {which is November 22 this year in case you're planning too}

The big kids have a lot of field trips and activities this month and then their summer schedules change up.  George, Lily and I have a lot of our party of three time together this summer which is important to us also.  I need to catch up on a lot of events on my blog and get emails sent out that I owe, some things sent in the mail that have been sitting waiting to go. Lots of baby gifts need to be mailed! I finally feel like I'm coming out of the Pittsburgh gray funk that seems to get me every year.
Otherwise known as self-diagnosed seasonal affective disorder.  I suppose I have growing up in the Arizona sunshine to thank for needing it so much.

And just 'cause she's cute... I was cleaning the livingroom the other day. Lily found an open bag of sweet tart hearts on daddy's desk...

Do you know how many hearts a 21 month old can cram into her mouth before her mama gets her????


  1. I am paranoid enough that I keep an external hard drive out of the house in case of fire/theft/flood/whatever. That works best with two hard drives -- I'm a little behind because we bought a big hard drive to handle video of the boys but haven't sprung for two.

    Depending on how much data you have, you can back it up on-line (for free) -- if you lost everything, downloading again from Facebook would at least give you something.

    I use a program called Syncback to back up automatically every night; it works pretty well.

    1. I'll have to look into Syncback! Thank you. ♥

  2. You've been busy! I've been organizing my pics on my computer, and they are ready to be backed up on our external hard drive. I try to do that every 3 months!

    Dylan has a Thanksgiving birthday this year. I don't think he's very happy he has to share his big day with a Holiday again, LOL!

    I love the look on Lily's face in the first picture. Too cute!

    1. Organizing them took FOR.EV.ER. I feel for you!

      haha! Andrew's birthday is on Thanksgiving again in 2 years. He doesn't mind :)

      Lily's seriously giving me a run for my money!

  3. Awwww Love. Her. So precious.

    And I think life would be over if I lost everything. Unfortunately, that means I have like, THREE virtual copies of everything everywhere. So I have virtual clutter beyond belief. I am working on cleaning up around here too - it's insanity how much cold and snow can make you transform into a dirty packrat :)

    Love to you, friend!