Friday, May 18, 2012

These Kids Make it Worth It

As the school and work week comes to a close, we're looking forward to the of our last before summer. Actually THE last where we don't have a billion things to do. 

We are heading to the Touch-a-Truck for a little bit to check that out and I'm excited to use my steam mop {super nerd} too!

Andrew's got a project to work on for school and I'm sure he'll be spending more time texting his new friend {a girl}. It's always interesting to have new scenarios present themselves which lead to new rules I hadn't previously thought we'd have. I supposed that's par for the life of having a tween. Reminders about what to text, what time the phone has to be off and the like.  Thankfully, we have a good kid.

He had a swimming test for Scouts this week, so now he's officially allowed to participate in any activity that requires swimming as a prerequisite.  He's been in the pool since he was an infant, this was just the first opportunity he's had to be tested.  I still think it's strange that people don't know how to swim, but I know that comes from growing up in Arizona where you spend so much time in the water ~ especially as kids. Yay Andrew!

The kids had an author visit at school this week where we were able to purchase a book for them to be autographed. Andrew didn't want one of the books for himself primarily because the majority of them were picture books for youngers. He suggested we get one for Lily. Awww, sweet boy of mine.
His take on the visit was that it "was boring".  As a reader, he just wanted interested in her books.  Reagan on the other hand, loved it. This was her first experience with an author visit and she liked the author's life story.  As she was telling me about it last night, she was pretty detailed about the author's bio.  I was impressed. I chose a book for her to have signed that I felt would be a good story for her. She was happy to show us the book and her name with the author's signature, but said she hasn't yet read the book.

This morning Reag was off for her second field trip. A visit to the symphony! She was excited about it. She is a music lover and I know she'll really enjoy herself. The other night at supper, we talked about instruments and how she's already excited about joining band in 4th grade.  She made sure to remind me 9214391023403 times this week that she had to wear a dress to the symphony and take a change of clothes for Jump Rope for Heart outside in the afternoon. :)  She was excited about school today!  Although I suspect she will be stressed when she realizes that everything she was supposed to take to BM's is still at home. :(

Lily has been a cracking us up all week.
Her language explosion is awesome! She woke up yesterday and said, "Amazing!" Andrew thought that was amazing. She's such a funny person and we are so in love with this time! Aside from the overtired crankypants crying for her mama moments otherwise known as the witching hour, she is so happy all the time --singing about being happy among other subjects, she dances and laughs, and so very much adores Andrew and Reagan. Just joyful!

We ate lunch on the back porch this week and enjoyed the sunshine, low humidity and each other. She loves to play with sidewalk chalk, so we've been doing that a lot too! She just loves simple. Running in the yard makes her so happy. I honestly look at her and just smile because she's that joyful. I am loving our time together and have started working on a more structured curriculum for her that we'll work into our routine. 

Our summer is going to be hard on her in some ways. She'll be an only child for the majority of it and that is just not what she knows. She'll at least be able to FaceTime with Andrew and stay connected, but man, she loves Bubba & Sissy and it's going to be tough on her when they're gone.

The kids played outside a lot this week, we had the regularly weekly stuff--homework, Scouts, counseling, chores, and school struggles to work out. 

Tuesday night we headed out for a treat!
Happy kids amidst all the other adult chaos that goes on without them knowing and that's the way we'd like to keep it.

Lots of laughs this week which is good for all of us!

Happy Friday!

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