Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Happy Brownie

Last evening was Reagan's Brownies end of the year ceremony. It was a short little ceremony held at school and then we had some light refreshments to celebrate with the girls.  It was sweet and she was just so happy and proud!

The girls received a sapling of a tree in honor of this year being the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts and in PA, planting trees is how they are choosing to honor!

Pennsylvania Girl Scout Tree Planting Initiative"In May 2012, the three Girl Scout councils in Pennsylvania will join forces to plant 10,000 trees statewide. Every registered Girl Scout will have the opportunity to plant and tend a sapling in honor of Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary. Trees planted in Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania’s jurisdiction will not only honor this momentous milestone in Girl Scout history, but will also help contribute towards the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s goal of planting 1,000,000 trees by 2020!"
Reag isn't certain whether she wants to plant her tree here at our house or with her mom at her house there.  We've left it up to her to decide.

She loved Brownies this year, it was a great experience for her and she's hopeful that next year she'll get to do it again and participate even more!  She also got her remaining cookie sale incentives for selling 150 boxes of cookies --one being a giraffe print bag with pink edges that she was excited about! I think it looks like a perfect overnight bag for sleepovers and taking her stuff to the pool or back and forth to her houses this summer. It's super cute. :)  They have a pool party the week after school gets out which will be fun for the girls to get together one more time this year and have pizza and swim! :)

She's off to the Science Center today for their last field trip this year!

Happy girl watch her go...

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  1. she sure is one happy brownie!! I used to love brownies, everything went down hill 2nd year guides though....