Friday, May 11, 2012

A Fat Lip for Friday

The headache from hell is still plaguing me. It's less than it was yesterday, but it's still there just lingering and mocking me.

It is possible that it was made worse by Lily doing a faceplant in the kitchen, splitting her lip, swelling up her nose and bleeding all over the place last night. There were a lot of tears {both of us} and lots of hugs and kisses, but she's a-ok this morning.  I was honestly more concerned because her nose was swollen a little too. Back to normal today.  She was great about putting her ice pack on her mouth too. She'd switch from having her paci in her mouth, then put the ice pack, back to paci, repeat.

As I was making supper, my husband--knowing my head was hurting--deflected the typical kid whining at me about doing dishes and cleaning and just generally being kids. The mood was lighthearted, he was making me laugh and what could have otherwise been a grumpy time was not. Thank God for a good man who knows how to help me.

Also yesterday, Reag had a field trip for her Book Buddies group to see a play. {2nd graders who excel buddy up with 6th graders for a reading group}. She was funny because Monday night she was giving me the play-by-play of all the things she needed. "Well, I have to make sure I take a lunch that I can throw away--not my lunch box and something to drink. And I have gym later that day, so what am I going to do since I have to wear dressy clothes to the play?"  My reply, "Reag. You're not my first kid or my first field trip. Do not worry. I've got it covered." :)  Thursday morning, I packed her lunch, packed her a change of clothes and shoes and off she went...excited!

She has another field trip to Heinz Hall next Friday and then later that day they have Jump Rope for Heart, so hopefully she'll go with the flow and know she's going to go to school in a dress and change into gym clothes later on without worrying about it. :)

She came home with her Mother's Day gifts from school yesterday excited to share them. I love that about elementary excited they are about what they've made you. She asked, "Are you going to open them on Sunday when I'm not here?"  I asked her when she wanted me to open them, but told her that I wouldn't do it without her so either last night, this morning or Monday when she came home from school.  She wanted me to do it last night.  Sweet, sweet girl.  I'll share what she did on Mother's Day. :)

Andrew has been making his gift in art class, so I'm excited to see what he made too although he told me it would be late because they didn't finish them up yesterday.  Although recently he brought home a drawing he did that I love! I was very impressed with it.

We had a busy week, as always, with Scouts, hockey, counseling, homework, field trips in addition the rest of our everyday stuff.   Only 4 more weeks of school left and then we are all going to have a bigggggggggg break.

In fact, as soon as school's over, George, Lily and myself are immediately on party of three time. Literally we send the kids to school that last morning and that's it for us.  It's honestly, strange and oddly I have some feelings of, "hmmpf. we do all the work all. year. long. and the moment of relaxation and celebration is gobbled up by other people who do nothing."  Such is life when you have kids in blended families, I guess, but still something I feel.

I hope to get some events caught up on the blog this weekend and will have my giveaway ready to go on Monday, so be sure to check in!

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. Poor baby!!! I hate when they get fat lips. That is mighty impressive what Andrew made. Have a great weekend!

  2. I hope Lily's little lip is feeling better!
    Andrew is really talented!
    It sounds like Reagan worries a lot...good thing you got it covered! ;)