Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend ~2012

Memorial Day weekend brought a lot of heat this year. It was downright gross out. Humid. Low 80s, high 90s all weekend.  We spent much of the weekend trying to stay cool!

We had a super lazy day Saturday spending much of it in the bedroom in the ac watching movies and relaxing.  Man, that heats just zaps me. Sunday wasn't as bad with the heat in the morning and we did some things around the house, returned an ac that wasn't cooling like it should be and got a new one. In the evening, the humidity had dropped and it was perfect. After Lily went to bed, George played guitar for a little while, Andrew played video games with friends and I sat outside on the back porch doing some blogging and photo editing.  A very relaxing evening.

Memorial Day we had a couple birthday parties and a cookout to head to. Lily and I went to a 1st birthday party of our friends Amy and her baby! Who doesn't love 1st birthdays???

Lily had fun eating chips and running!

After we left that party, we headed over to our Pittsburgh parents' house for the next birthday party and cookout!  Andrew was excited to swim swim swim!

This was Lily's 1st time in the pool this year and at first she was a slightly hesitant, but it didn't take long and she just kept saying, "splash! splash!" and wanted back in the "bath". She started out with Auntie Hannah who is always great with her {and kids in general}!

Daddy got in soon after Lily was comfortable in the pool! She kept wanting him to throw her up in the air and spin her around to make waves.
Dirty Dancing, anyone?

After she got out of the pool, she decided to mow the grass...

She is so happy to just run around...literally.

While Lily was mowing and running, Pappy was grillin' up supper so we could have cupcakes and ice cream soon!

Izzy was in the middle of a super nap after supper, so it took her a little bit to wake up while we sang "Happy Birthday,"! Granny's always got a smile. :)

Lily was happy to pick up and carry the cupcakes from the display... This was number 3.

Lily reluctantly giving a toy to the birthday girl

Lily also managed to make it happily throughout the whole day on zero nap time...

until she hit the car...


  1. Lily is so cute in the pool! We took Emi to the pool for the first time this year, too, and it is just so fun! Holiday weekends ROCK!

  2. Too cute!! What a fun weekend. It's Thursday already and I still feel like it's Monday!! We had too much fun. Did you send me that pic of Lily in her sunglasses? I love it!! I really didn't get a good pic of her! There is still plenty of cake since I haven't been home in three days. Ha!!

  3. Lily is just too darn cute!

    Looks like a great weekend :)

  4. Lily cracks me up! She is so busy all the time!
    It was ridiculously hot this weekend. I don't mind the heat as much, but it's the humidity that gets to me!