Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The One About a Shirt

On May 28, 2009, George and I found out we were pregnant with our first baby together.  He was over the moon while I was terrified. Not of the pregnancy or having a baby, but bringing a baby into the chaos and drama that surrounded our lives.  At that time, we had just finished a custody trial the month before and were beginning a new journey of shared custody after years of false accusations, financial draining, and litigation.  We were learning how to cope with the most recent of false allegations of sexual abuse and the feelings of betrayal and pure shock that accompanied them. Life altering.  Needless to say we were stressed. We miscarried in early July and were both devestated. {You can read that story here.}

When we got pregnant with Lily later that year, the rose-colored glasses I'd once worn regarding pregnancy were gone. I was pretty much terrified the duration. 

During that first pregnancy, I had made Reagan an "I'm the Big Sister" shirt with a tshirt and an iron-on. That was how we were going to tell George's parents. Just for her to wear it and eventually they'd notice. She was excited about it.

The day we went out to get the materials, was H.O.T.
We stopped for an icee along the way!
{yes, we were parked}

Nearly three years later, last Friday, Andrew and Reagan had an event for school-Jump Rope for Heart-after Reag's field trip where she'd needed a change of clothes to be outside actively.  She wanted a tshirt and shorts she could move in.  Okie dokie. She took a pair of pink shorts and the above shirt. Heck, she's a big sister a couple times, so she was happy to wear it. 

Well, on Fridays, she goes to BM's after school.

As you could imagine a conversation ensued about the shirt. And after all of the drama last week, I should have known better.  Because when you're a 30 year old "mother", telling your 8 year old child that you can't believe your child actually believes the "lies" about us being pregnant with that baby and forcing her to turn her shirt around backwards before taking a picture of her, will result in a lot of hurt feelings on the child's part. 
Reagan described her pose as "miserable".

Most nights, we watch Jeopardy as a family while we eat supper and we play along. Funny enough last night's final jeopardy category was, "Drama."
Reag piped in without missing a beat, "That's something my mom would know a lot about." 

Albeit hysterical because it's truthful, I also found it to be really sad that she feels that way about her. Although, from the look on her face above... something's gotta give.


  1. Made her turn around her shirt?!

  2. Oh my word. I can't imagine. You are right, it is sad that she thinks that about her mother, but if the shoe fits.

  3. Oh my goodness, it's funny (and sad) that Reagan said that. That woman needs to just learn to let things go and be happy with her life.