Saturday, May 26, 2012

End of the Week

This week was one of those weeks. A lot accomplished. A lot going on. Not bad at all. Good, actually. Great, in fact.

The heat has been cranked up for the weekend like nobody's business. All of a sudden it's summer. Not really much of a Spring at all, sadly.  I can deal with the heat.. It's the thick, soupy air that kills me.  We've got that too.

Last year, end of July one of our window air conditioners broke, so we had to replace that this year.  One of our other "keep cool" staples are popsicles.   Yesterday afternoon, Lily and Daddy shared some. :)  She'd give him a kiss in exchange for a bite. It was super cute!

We headed out last night to run a few errands and I had one of those moments of disbelief. This is my is she big enough to want to walk into a store instead of being carried????
She adores her daddy, that is for certain.

My kids had a great week all around too.
Monday brought an evening of hanging outside after chores and homework, catching up on our day of transition.  It was adorable to watch Lily just so enamored with Andrew and Reagan and wanting to be like them.  We're very blessed with the children we have.

Lily had some cereal in a bowl with milk for the first time this week and it's safe to say, she loved the milk the most!

She also spent some time trying to soothe her teeth this week.

Operation Paci Weaning has been going really well! She's cried for it a few times randomly, but overall, she mostly just wants it when she's tired and ready for a nap or bed.  During the random times, if I ask her if she wants to take a nap, she'll shake her head no and then stop asking.  Smart baby and I feel pretty good that we'll be able to be done with it by the time she turns two. That's the goal anyway.  We're also going to seriously start potty training this summer too. She hides when she poops and comes and tells us afterwards, "Potty. Poopy."  The other day I left her diaper off just to see and as she peed in front of my bedroom mirror, she said, "Mama, potty."  Okie dokie, Lily.

Andrew and Reagan are heading into their homestretch of the last 2 weeks of school. They're definitely anxious in some ways to be done.  Reag had her final field trip of the year and her Brownies end of the year ceremony this past week while Andrew has his big 6th grade field trip coming this week.  They found out they won't be getting their yearbooks until next year because the committee wants to include all the end of the year activities. Andrew's pretty bummed because his friends won't be together to sign them.  

This coming Monday marks the 17th anniversary of my dad's death, which in some ways seems like yesterday and others so long ago.  My family will be spending the day celebrating birthdays with friends and family and I can think of no better way to honor my dad than celebrating life.♥

Hope you're all having a safe Memorial Day weekend! 


  1. The pic of Lily in the red white and blue is the greatest!

  2. The pictures of her exchanging a kiss for a bite are adorable! She is too cute!

    1. Thanks, Stef! I loved those too! It's super cute when she does that!

  3. I love the pics of the kids together! Thanks so much for celebrating with us yesterday!!

  4. Oh I lovelovelove that picture too! Thank you! And you're welcome. :)