Friday, May 4, 2012

Our Early Friday

Happy Friday!  Seriously the weather right now is AWESOME!! I'm super excited about it since yesterday was miserably hot and humid. It's funny how once I moved away from Arizona the weather became such a prevalent topic. {random thought}

Sidenote: Andrew had a hockey game last night. George and Reagan went while Mama stayed home and put Lily to bed after a crankypants screamfest and I still managed almost two hours of time by myself. Heavenly! Andrew scored a goal ~ the first of the game actually, but they lost.  He always scores when I'm not there. hmmmm....

Reag was excited this morning when she woke up because it is not a typical Friday for her.  First thing, she gets to ride the bus home instead of going to BM's tonight, so she was excited about the bus riding. Secondly, and the reason she is coming home tonight...she is going to a slumber party for her best friend! Waaaahhhhhooooo! Yep, she's actually going!  We're excited for her to be home for the couple hours before the party too. She headed out the door to catch the bus on a Friday morning smiling for the first time all year.

Lily was really cute this morning when she woke up...chatting away talking about the "fa-woooot" on her dress and sitting down on the bottom step near Reagan, "Hi sisssss eeeee!"  Reag happened to be wearing her "Big Sisters Rock" shirt today. Fitting. :)

With the big kids gone, I headed up to get ready for the day.  Lily decided she'd keep me company and try something new to play with.  Yesterday it was a box of tampons spread all over the bathroom floor. Today: 

She's clearly in touch with her femininity.

Finally, Lily and I headed to the doc this morning for her ear recheck from her ear infection.  After the last two nights of screaming at bedtime, I was anticipating full-fledged ear infection.  I've since learned that although her ear is inflamed, but is not filled with pus {*gag me word* and DO NOT google to see how to spell it correctly ohmahgahd} that a lot of her bedtime stuff is, in fact, teeth and stubbornness.

"boo! mama!"

We headed to pick up her antibiotic then stopped to get her lunch at McD's...something we rarely do, so she wasn't even sure what to do. But, she kept saying, "Hi fry!" so I'm guessing she was happy. :)

Glad it wasn't worse and hopefully this time we'll kick it completely out so it doesn't return. The weather hasn't been helpful with kicking her cold, so hopefully that'll even out soon too!


  1. OMG her playing with your bra and tampons is hysterical. I laughed out loud! Good thing I work from home or cubical people would have been giving me the stink eye ;)

    1. hahahahhaa! I was cracking up at her too. She's a mess!

  2. Hahaha Lily!! Having girls is going to be so fun......... So excited for Reag's Bestie sleepover!! Have fun girlfriend!

    1. Lily is 813413401 more challenging than Andrew ever way as a toddler. I blame it on my age and my mother cursing me with a daughter just like me.

  3. lol Lily!!! She is too cute..Im so glad Reagan was able to go to her sleepover!!